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The Titanic…a poster child for Learning from Experience…and for Repetitive Loss

100 years ago last night, the passenger liner Titanic struck an iceberg on her maiden voyage and sank two hours later. She carried over 2200 people – some of the world’s richest, and maybe 1000 of the poorest, the latter … Continue reading

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More good news to start 2018: 2017 was the safest year on record for air travel.

Continuing the good-news theme of recent LOTRW posts, the flight safety story lit up yesterday’s internet. This report, from Fortune’s website, gives the flavor:  Airlines recorded zero accident deaths in commercial passenger jets last year, according to a Dutch consulting … Continue reading

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Remembering Katrina (and the human condition).

These past weeks, you’ve likely found yourself struggling to stay afloat in a storm surge of ten-year Hurricane Katrina remembrance. News/social media outlets have been awash with reflections on the 2005 storm itself, which killed 1000-2000 people (yes, the range … Continue reading

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LOTRW in a nutshell: a Nigerian microcosm

The previous LOTRW post took a look at work of the District of Columbia Water and Sewer Authority to modernize DC’s wastewater treatment infrastructure.  Half a world away, a micro-business is addressing a waste-management/recycling challenge in Nigeria. Here’s an article … Continue reading

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A Tale of two Cities: Atlanta and Gainesville weather the February 11-13 ice storms.

Every so often, even nature provides a do-over. Turns out that the ice storm that shut down Atlanta (and virtually no one else) was merely providing a tune-up for cities up and down the entire east coast. The real impact … Continue reading

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Three (simultaneous) real-world challenges

… that we face locally, everywhere… and globally. In a nutshell, here’s the unending task of living on the real world. We must simultaneously, everywhere, at every moment, and for extended periods, master the threefold job of (1) sipping from … Continue reading

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Healthcare resilience in the face of hazards. 3. Impressions from the AMS workshop.

It’s one year on from Sandy’s landfall and devastating impact. All along the New York and New Jersey coasts, residents and workers continue to deal with the aftermath. Some face years of struggle. Perhaps it’s fitting to mark the somber … Continue reading

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GOP and Dems analyze the election…(compare with the NTSB)

“Any landing you walk away from is a good one.” – pilots’ adage. In the aftermath of the November 6th elections, Republicans are asking themselves what went wrong. Democrats don’t seem to be going through such an evaluation…at least not … Continue reading

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Now for the hard part (2): Hurricane Sandy… and the post-election national agenda.

“Hard” is a four-letter word. We don’t like “hard,” whether it applies to recovery from Hurricane Sandy, or the political challenge now facing our polarized nation. Let’s dig a little deeper… Hazards researchers like to talk about four stages of … Continue reading

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WWLFRD? An Richardsonian approach toward sustainable development

We close out our short series on Lewis Fry Richardson, on the 131st anniversary of his birth. _________________________________ WWJD? What would Jesus do? Most of us are familiar with this acronym. Many people wear it on one of those yellow … Continue reading

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