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And speaking of the NTSB, did you see the news?

In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy (and even before), we’ve been posting about the need for an entity similar to the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) that would identify the root causes for natural disasters. Such an agency could develop … Continue reading

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GOP and Dems analyze the election…(compare with the NTSB)

“Any landing you walk away from is a good one.” – pilots’ adage. In the aftermath of the November 6th elections, Republicans are asking themselves what went wrong. Democrats don’t seem to be going through such an evaluation…at least not … Continue reading

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“Human flight” on the 21st-century Real World? 1. The cockpit dialog.

Seven billion of us are co-piloting a 1.317 × 1025-lb, unpressurized, open-air planet through the hostile environment of space. You might not be impressed with this reality. You might even be tempted to dismiss it as no more than a … Continue reading

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Twenty Questions: hazards-style.

“A river is made drop by drop.” – Afghan proverb. Last week, the 43rd Annual Natural Hazards Workshop ran July 8-11 in Broomfield, Colorado. Several features make the occasion unique. For example, though the meeting is largely invitational, every year … Continue reading

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More good news to start 2018: 2017 was the safest year on record for air travel.

Continuing the good-news theme of recent LOTRW posts, the flight safety story lit up yesterday’s internet. This report, from Fortune’s website, gives the flavor:  Airlines recorded zero accident deaths in commercial passenger jets last year, according to a Dutch consulting … Continue reading

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Ratcheting-up America’s resilience to hazards.

Prologue: The daily news from Puerto Rico is excruciatingly tragic. A week after Hurricane Maria’s passage, some 3.5 million people are still picking their way through 3000 mi2 of debris in a search for food and water, and despair mounts. … Continue reading

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“A banker lends you an umbrella when the sun is shining but takes it back when it starts to rain.” – (origin debated) Let’s get one thing straight: in the face of natural hazards, the individual- and the societal policy … Continue reading

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Remembering Katrina (and the human condition).

These past weeks, you’ve likely found yourself struggling to stay afloat in a storm surge of ten-year Hurricane Katrina remembrance. News/social media outlets have been awash with reflections on the 2005 storm itself, which killed 1000-2000 people (yes, the range … Continue reading

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A Tale of two Cities: Atlanta and Gainesville weather the February 11-13 ice storms.

Every so often, even nature provides a do-over. Turns out that the ice storm that shut down Atlanta (and virtually no one else) was merely providing a tune-up for cities up and down the entire east coast. The real impact … Continue reading

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Even as Moore recovers, we should guard against a greater threat.

The news continues from Moore, Oklahoma, as the community begins an all-too-familiar recovery process: remembering the beloved who died, and saying farewell; healing from injury, and caring for those who need to mend;  sifting through the rubble for what can … Continue reading

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