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Sustainability? An oxymoron. We can only buy time.

We lack (and rather urgently need) a holistic approach to the real world. In fact, here’s the ideal: in every decision and action, large and small, we take fully into account that the world is simultaneously a resource, a victim, … Continue reading

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Technology transfer: remedial reading.

Thanksgiving provided me time for family (never enough!), but it also gave opportunity for some remedial reading[1] bearing on the process by which scientific and technical advance are harvested for societal benefit. There’s much food for thought in these two … Continue reading

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Social Sustainability

[It’s the weekend…a chance to step back from that hectic workplace we discussed in the previous post and regroup…maybe allow ourselves to be a bit reflective, even contemplative, think farther afield. Here goes…] Sustainability? Sustainable development? Those in the business … Continue reading

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Prediction 4. We will face declining margins and greater scarcity.

Sure, the human race is on a roll. But can we keep it up? In my life I’ve run a couple of marathons. To prepare has meant a lot of running. Jogging might be a better term. Come to think … Continue reading

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WWBD…What would Boone do?

Here at the AMS Annual Meeting in Austin, Texas, some of the buzz is that the Earth observations, science, and services community faces a constrained future. We hear that we must learn to do more with less… that the trickle-down … Continue reading

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