Let it go.

The previous post contained advice from Stephen Covey for all of us. Here’s some more good advice for you and me…this from my nine-year-old grandson, conveyed via my daughter:

Last night at dinner, I told the boys I had a problem. After listening to some gossip at work, I wondered if a colleague might have let me down. Charlie considered that for a moment. “Mama,” he said, “I think you should put on your let-it-go pajamas and sleep on it. See how you feel in the morning!”

Sometimes, it is just that simple.

Frustrated today? Someone do you wrong? The world full of wrongdoers?

Let it go. Now…where are those pajamas?

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  1. Michael Cunningham says:

    The British response is to make a pot of tea before reacting. Creating a bit of space between the shock to the system and your response to it tends to improve the quality and wisdom of the response.

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