The 2012 AMS Summer Policy Colloquium

Been reading this blog for a while? Then you perhaps remember that last year at this time, I wrote extensively on the 2011 AMS Summer Policy Colloquium. You can find those posts here. Pay special attention to the June 2011 entries.

Maybe you’ve wondered about the absence of coverage this year. Well, I got a little busy! And I wanted to do more than rehash what I’ve said before. The Muse didn’t sing. [There’s a little more to the story than I can add right now…that’ll come down the road.]

In any event, probably better you get a perspective from a fresh set of eyes! As it happens, I can offer one – this from Angela Colbert, a graduate student in meteorology and physical oceanography at the Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science (RSMAS) at the University of Miami. Angela blogged on her experience on their website. She gives a very gracious summary.

Please take a look! And if her experience sounds appealing, you don’t have to regret you missed it. You can take the steps necessary to participate next year. You can take this first step towards becoming as disciplined in your understanding of and approach to the policy process as you are towards your science itself. You can increase the odds that your science effectively and appropriately contributes to the policy process…and that you better understand U.S. policy for your science.

Hope to see you June2-11, 2013.

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