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Recovery: A tale of three hurricanes.

“Civilization exists by geologic consent, subject to change without notice.” – Will Durant “Recovery starts from the darkest moment.” – John Major “Forget past mistakes. Forget failure. Forget about everything except what you’re going to do now – and do … Continue reading

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The existential human challenge.

The existential human challenge? You might have your own candidate; here’s one to chew on: Thriving on our generous, dangerous, fragile planet. Of course, an assertion like that deserves a bit of justification. Again, chances are you can write a … Continue reading

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Building U.S. disaster resilience.

Prologue: With each passing day, the Puerto Rican disaster reveals its true extent. It’s no mere disaster (a word cheaply tossed about), but a dire – and deepening – humanitarian crisis. Three million islanders need help now with food, water, … Continue reading

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Ratcheting-up America’s resilience to hazards.

Prologue: The daily news from Puerto Rico is excruciatingly tragic. A week after Hurricane Maria’s passage, some 3.5 million people are still picking their way through 3000 mi2 of debris in a search for food and water, and despair mounts. … Continue reading

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“A banker lends you an umbrella when the sun is shining but takes it back when it starts to rain.” – (origin debated) Let’s get one thing straight: in the face of natural hazards, the individual- and the societal policy … Continue reading

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Time to hit the reset button on American weather-hazards policy?

Here is America’s weather-hazards policy in a nutshell[1]: React at times when weather outlooks and forecasts indicate danger. Shelter in place where practical; otherwise, save lives through emergency response, primarily evacuation. Start with action at the local level. Call in … Continue reading

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The Harvey-Irma reveal.

“Forecasting the weather” vs. “protecting life and property?” Hurricanes Harvey and Irma reveal important policy implications. An earlier pair of LOTRW posts introduced this subject. They argued that the shift from merely predicting the state of the atmosphere to use … Continue reading

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I love Paris.

The previous LOTRW post, Presidential power – not all it’s cracked up to be, argued that the President’s recent decision to pull out of the Paris Climate Agreement, while comforting to elements of his base, was really of small consequence. … Continue reading

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How to increase long- and short-term risk to the American economy.

America and Americans are today blessed with the world’s largest and strongest economy. Suppose you wanted to put that economy and that world standing at risk? How would you go about it? Some argue that’s exactly what China is attempting … Continue reading

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Progress on Climate Change? Good news… and bad.

This weekend, both the Washington Post and the New York Times carried op-eds on the new administration’s attempts to turn back the clock on climate change policy. Both articles suggested such efforts will fail, for a variety of reasons: Writing … Continue reading

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