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Weather-Ready Nation? Lessons from driver ed.

The previous LOTRW post touched on the idea that public schools teach kids important life skills in addition to the formal disciplines such as reading, writing, history, mathematics, and branches of science. In the past such life skills included wood- … Continue reading

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Weather-Ready Nation, Wood Shop, and Home Economics.

Really, Bill? Bear with me. It’s the weekend. In the later years of grade school in New Jersey and then in what was called junior high in Pennsylvania, I was introduced to wood shop. Today’s generation needs to understand that … Continue reading

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The American Meteorological Society speaks out – on weather, water, and climate priorities.

“Understanding how the Earth system works and transforming this knowledge into action will allow our nation and the global community to effectively respond and adapt to changing weather, water, and climate conditions. National investment and leadership combined with enhanced partnerships … Continue reading

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Molly Macauley

“What is your only comfort in life and death?” – Heidelberg catechism, Question 1 Molly Macauley, by various turns economist, Resources for the Future executive, space technology policy maven, good neighbor, caring mentor, friend and encourager to all who knew … Continue reading

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