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Earth observations, science, and services for the 21st century

Do you read this blog? Then chances are good that you’re part of the Great Endeavor. In one way or another, you’re – learning how the Earth works, – predicting what it will do next, – harnessing this knowledge for … Continue reading

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Christians as environmental scientists

The topic of yesterday’s post? Many environmental scientists I know (myself included), should take matters of faith more seriously. Today’s focus? Many Christians I know (again, myself included) should take science more seriously. A stumbling block for many Christians? How … Continue reading

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Environmental scientists as Christians

It’s the weekend again…and time for weekend thoughts. As I start this post, the coffee is brewing, and I’ve just finished reading an interesting guest post on Judith Curry’s most absorbing blog, Climate Etc. Today’s author? Ken Wilson, an evangelical … Continue reading

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And a postscript on that critical Earth observing infrastructure…

As we all know, continuity – and indeed continuing improvement – in Earth observations are vital to the world’s peoples. This continuity is challenged long-term by funding constraints facing governments in the developed world. These problems remain. But continuity in … Continue reading

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Nine billion people… living well on the real world? For that, we need an innovation infrastructure.

This is the last in our three-part mini-series on how our growing numbers can buy time for ourselves and for our planet, its atmosphere and oceans, its landscape and its ecosystems. You know we’re going to talk about innovation. The … Continue reading

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Weather-Ready Nation(al Pastime)

Google the expression “Weather-Ready Nation” and you’ll see a rich set of offerings. That’s because the National Weather Service is using this label to describe a comprehensive initiative to make America safer in the face of weather hazards. Recall that … Continue reading

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How seven billion…make that nine billion!…can live well on the real world

With a title like that? What follows has to be an outrageous simplification. Please read it as such, and cut me some slack. As the world marks its seven-billion-person milestone, it’s natural to look ahead…and the view at first glance is … Continue reading

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The human race, seven billion strong…and behind the curve

Monday’s Washington Post featured an article by Juliet Eilperin, entitled “Population growth taxing planet’s resources.” Her message? The world’s population has just now hit the seven billion mark. What a milestone! What a success story! We ought to be celebrating. … Continue reading

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The infrastructure spending we sorely need

In the Outlook section of Sunday’s Washington Post, the Cato Institute’s Chris Edwards questioned the utility of federal investments in infrastructure. His special target? Dam construction of the past century by the Corps of Engineers and the Bureau of Reclamation. … Continue reading

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Another day closer…to a major earthquake on the Cascadia subduction zone

Last week NOAA ran an interesting – make that significant – conference in Seattle focusing on the tsunami threat to the Pacific Northwest. Want to dig deeper? You can find the agenda and speaker biographies here. Soon there should be … Continue reading

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