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Daniel Kahneman – and the rest of us: a perspective informed by Ecclesiasticus.

A final postscript on Daniel Kahneman. Last week I had lunch with my economist friend of more than half a century (he of the  LOTRW previous post’s footnote in reference to Milton Friedman). We were discussing Kahneman and – in … Continue reading

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End notes on Daniel Kahneman (and a connection to March Madness).  

“I criticize; therefore I am.” – (what Descartes might have said if had lived today?) Daniel Kahneman’s brilliant critiques of human reasoning – exposing so many of our species’ cognitive limitations – might tempt the fainthearted to clam up. In … Continue reading

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What’s a thinker to think? What’s a thinker to do?

“Je pense, donc je suis…irrationnel” – (with apologies to both Rene Descartes and Daniel Kahneman) According to Psychology Today, …dreams are about events from our waking lives, including real events and modified ones. About 70% of dream content is based on events … Continue reading

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