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Remembering Katrina (and the human condition).

These past weeks, you’ve likely found yourself struggling to stay afloat in a storm surge of ten-year Hurricane Katrina remembrance. News/social media outlets have been awash with reflections on the 2005 storm itself, which killed 1000-2000 people (yes, the range … Continue reading

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Remedial reading… from the Huffington Post and The Economist

“Our job is to ensure that NOAA is as relevant fifteen years from now as it is today.” – John Knauss, during his tenure as Under Secretary of Commerce for Oceans and Atmosphere, 1989-1993. President George Bush[1] had initially considered … Continue reading

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Weekend thoughts… on “Agency.”

Social scientists stress the importance of agency, defined along the following lines: “In the social sciences, agency is the capacity of individuals to act independently and to make their own free choices. By contrast, structure is those factors of influence … Continue reading

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Want a Weather-Ready Nation? If so, build “agency”.

But here’s the kicker: whether in weather emergencies, or disaster recovery, or in building national capacity and infrastructure for weather warnings, the most important “agency” isn’t a federal-sector institution. LOTRW might not be devoting space to this topic if it … Continue reading

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Moonshots, weather-readiness, and other human aspirations.

Doug Hilderbrand co-chairs with Eileen Shea the AMS Board on Enterprise Communication. We owe the two of them thanks for organizing this week’s upcoming AMS Summer Community Meeting, with the theme For The Greater Good: Strengthening Collaboration, Consistency, and Trust … Continue reading

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Brian Bell’s forecasts for the weather enterprise

Many LOTRW readers may know Brian Bell, one of the more visionary and just-plain-interesting people in our community. Mr. Bell is currently with the Meteorological Service of New Zealand, Limited, a state-owned-enterprise (SOE), a unique and fascinating hybrid of public- … Continue reading

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