Brian Bell’s forecasts for the weather enterprise

Many LOTRW readers may know Brian Bell, one of the more visionary and just-plain-interesting people in our community. Mr. Bell is currently with the Meteorological Service of New Zealand, Limited, a state-owned-enterprise (SOE), a unique and fascinating hybrid of public- and private-sector. In this creative, ground-breaking environment, he fits right in. But he’s been around; his career includes, most recently, three years at Exelis; and prior to that, alternating stints at Global Science&Technology, Inc. and Lockheed Martin.

Earlier this week he posted the following contribution on his LinkedIn site:

10 Weather Enterprise Predictions During the Next 10 Years Jul 27, 2015

  1. Major television networks will no longer broadcast weather forecasts.
  2. The largest weather company (measured in revenues) does not exist today.
  3. Weather “micronets” will be common, especially in developing countries.
  4. More than 1 billion connected weather sensors will provide reliable ground-based observations.
  5. Weather & traffic will morph as “travel & road conditions”.
  6. Energy Sector will lead disruption in the Wx Enterprise and drive new weather applications.
  7. Weather Information will get pushed away from the cloud and to the “edge” – mobile edge computing.
  8. Weather data will be inextricably fused with infrastructure (smart cities, smart highways)
  9. Major global disaster will change the value of weather data and the organizational structures of collecting and disseminated observations.
  10. Weather information will used to create “variable pricing” business models (e.g. insurance premium, highway tolls, transit fees).

A marvelously thought-provoking list as many people from the Weather, Water, and Climate Enterprise make their way to Raleigh, North Carolina for the 2015 AMS Summer Community Meeting, which starts this Tuesday, August 4. Hoping to see you there – and to hear your views on his crisply-articulated forecasts as well.

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