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Wrong! Yet again.

The concerned wife phoned her husband, who was out on the road: “Honey, be careful out there! The TV says someone’s driving the wrong way on the Interstate.”The answer came back: Somebody? There’s hundreds of ‘em!” My entire life I’ve … Continue reading

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Our science: protecting the public in the 21st century.

“If your science doesn’t correspond to reality, you’re going to lose lives.” – Alexander E. MacDonald AMS Summer Community Meeting participants may have had their separate motivations for making their way to Raleigh back in August, but all attendees would … Continue reading

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The Anthropocene primate faces a new water challenge.

In 2014 the anthropologist Clive Finlayson published a delightful little, but intellectually-rich book entitled The Improbable Primate: How Water Shaped Human Evolution (Oxford University Press). For months since I’ve been unable to get the book and its message out of … Continue reading

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Robert Mayer White, 1923-2015.

“NOAA is now positioned to advance United States in an environmentally sustainable manner. And that is the central problem of the 21st century.” – R. M. White (2005). Robert M. White, Chief of the U.S. Weather Bureau from 1963-1965, director … Continue reading

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Remembering Jim Mahoney: the NAPAP years.

(This is the second part of a two-part tribute to James R. Mahoney)[1] James R. Mahoney is possibly best remembered by most (younger) readers of this blog as a former Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Oceans and Atmosphere and Deputy … Continue reading

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Remembering James Richard Mahoney (1938-2015).

“Think forward.” – masthead on the LeMoyne College Website Living on the real world – reality – is personal. James R. Mahoney – Le Moyne and MIT-educated meteorologist, Harvard academician, private-sector entrepreneur, government leader, family man, larger-than-life human being – … Continue reading

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