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WAS*IS…like Camelot…once was…and will live on

Google WAS*IS and that first entry looks really intriguing. It’s entitled NCAR – Weather and Society*Integrated Studies…and the little snippet of text you catch there adds “Weather and Society*Integrated Studies is a grassroots movement that is changing the weather enterprise … Continue reading

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WAS*IS, 2011-style

Last year about this time, an early post on this blog described an innovative program hosted by the National Center for Atmospheric Research and its Societal Impacts Program. The name of the NCAR effort? WAS*IS (Weather and Society*Integrated Studies). As … Continue reading

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Visiting WAS*IS…whazzat!!!!?

Yesterday we were wondering: what kind of world is likely if we take no deliberate action? We concluded that natural scientists working alone can’t answer this question. Many of the key issues – what will human beings do? – lie … Continue reading

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Integrating Social and Behavioral Sciences within the Weather Enterprise. Part 2. Findings and Recommendations.

Okay, Bill. The previous LOTRW post introduced us to this NAS report and the motivations behind it. We see the need. But what does it mean to become “as disciplined in our approach to social realities and the social science … Continue reading

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SPREAD(’s) the word.

Russ Schumacher is an assistant professor in the Department of Atmospheric Science at Colorado State University where he teaches and does research in mesoscale meteorology. His academic focus is on extreme precipitation events and flooding. But his interest in such … Continue reading

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For the past week, the WAS*IS community has been mourning the termination of NOAA support for that program as such. Over the past few days, however, the conversation has turned to how the vision and purposes of WAS*IS and other … Continue reading

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