Communicating uncertainty…a TED video

Just a quick footnote to the previous piece on this weekend’s National Communication Association Chairs’ Summer Institute.

In setting up the link to the NCA website, I noticed their home page featured links to several TED videos. Have you ever watched a TED video that failed to satisfy? I haven’t. Didn’t have time to watch them all, but one caught my eye. By Walid Afifi, who’s at the University of California Santa Barbara Communication Department, it’s entitled How Uncertainty Affects Us (and Five Simple Words to Make a Change).

Communication of uncertainty is so important to our work. Remember the 2006 NAS/NRC report, Completing the Forecast: Characterizing and Communicating Uncertainty for Better Decisions Using Weather and Climate Forecasts?

Couldn’t resist giving the video a look. Mr. Afifi uses a couple of weather examples to make his points, but he deals with all the uncertainties in all the aspects of our lives. And his takeaway message is at a deeper level. It only dates back to this past April, so you may not have seen it. Give it a look and let me know what you think.

In the meantime? Thanks more than I can adequately express for being there for me. And I am there for you.

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