The human face of shelter-in-place

Kim Klockow provided an interesting comment to the previous post on this past week’s tornadoes.  You can skip to it directly here.  She focuses on sheltering-in-place as a strategy (in an ordinary home, if I read her correctly, as opposed to any kind of special structure for that purpose such as a tornado shelter or safe room) She provides statistics suggesting that if you stay in your home and make the best of it, the odds are very much in your favor, even without taking special measures. Well worth the read. Get through the figures…and her (very gentle) overall message seemed to be that I should encourage readers, especially financially-strapped readers, to be more positive about their survival odds under this scenario. Thanks, Kim…and thanks for going easy on me.

Along those lines, while you’re on the topic, the Washington Post web site is running an article entitled Survival stories emerge from the South, Midwest after deadly tornadoes scar hundreds of miles. The Chicago Tribune has more. Fox News web material contains several additional stories. These vignettes, taken together, put a human face on shelter-in-place for last week’s events. If you’ll read them you’ll find harrowing tales of survival, but also death and injury.

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