A “Weather-Ready Nation” starts with a Weather-Ready YOU.

March 3-9 is National Severe Weather Preparedness Week.

Of course, you already knew that, right? Well, even if you didn’t, your President wants you to know. You might want to read his March 1 message to that effect.

But he and the National Weather Service actually want you to do more… a lot more. For starters:

During this week, NOAA and FEMA are highlighting the importance of planning and practicing how and where to take shelter before severe weather strikes. Being prepared to act quickly can be a matter of life and death.

But this is today… 2013… not 50 years ago… 1963. And today it’s all about social networking, going viral. So the NWS folks ask us to go further:

Being a force of nature goes beyond taking appropriate preparedness action. It’s about inspiring others to do the same. We’re asking people not only to be prepared, but also to encourage their social network to act by texting, tweeting, or posting a Facebook status update.

Be a Force of Nature Toolkit – get involved

You, too, can Be a Force of Nature in your community. Tweet, write a blog post, develop a presentation – we have everything you need to get started. Be a local hero and spread the word about preparing for severe weather.

Feeling bashful? At a loss for words? The NWS link does most of the work for you. They provide links to talking points, a sample blogpost (you can fill in the blanks), a press release, a sample op-ed, and more help that will make you feel and act like a social media champ.

You know why you want to do this? Not because the President has asked. Not because the NWS has asked. But because you want your family and friends to be safe in the face of the world’s most hazardous weather.  Because you want your community to be resilient to weather extremes.

Okay, maybe it’s also because they have a cool logo… not as cool as the AMS logo..


..but still pretty cool.

Whatever the reason…be weather-ready, my friend.

(with a tip of the hat to Doug Hilderbrand…)

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One Response to A “Weather-Ready Nation” starts with a Weather-Ready YOU.

  1. Rob Dale says:

    Strange that the National Weather Service is not mentioned anywhere on the publications, poster, press releases or anything else. You would think that organization would have been involved with the process…

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