All together now, WXGeeks: 1…2…3…view.

The Weather Channel announced today that beginning this Sunday, July 20, at noon EDT, it will begin a new weekly television broadcast series, WXGeeks. Here’s an excerpt from the press release:

For scientists, policy makers, emergency managers and fans of meteorology, it’s hard to remember a time in the weather community as interesting or as complex as this one. Today, The Weather Channel®  is announcing “Weather Geeks” – a televised forum by and for the weather community. Whether it be mitigating against drought, chemtrails and HAARP; debating machines vs. humans in weather forecasting; or discussing the pros and cons of storm chasing — Weather Geeks will seek to tackle the issues that are top of mind in the weather community but rarely explored in depth on television.  

Weather Geeks will premiere on Sunday, July 20, at noon ET on The Weather Channel network and will air weekly in that time slot. The show will be hosted by Dr. Marshall Shepherd, past president of the American Meteorological Society (AMS) and director of the University of Georgia’s atmospheric sciences program.


Marshall Shepherd had this to say:

“One of the greatest aspects of my involvement with AMS and our community as a whole is the opportunity to hear the best minds in our field discuss the most pressing issues in weather. Our vision is for Weather Geeks to be a weekly forum for those types of discussions, and I am looking forward to inviting scientists from across the weather community to be a part of the show.”

For its part, TWC management added:

“The opportunity to have Dr. Shepherd as a regular contributor and host made this an ideal opportunity to create a national platform for a discussion of weather issues. We recognize that we play a role in a much larger community and we felt an obligation to set aside air time for that community to come together and share ideas and expertise.”  

The highly-regarded, preternaturally thoughtful, and uniquely telegenic Marshall Shepherd, a former AMS President, teaming up with The Weather Channel? Sounds like must-see viewing for those interested in digging a little deeper into weather’s biggest stories.

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