And speaking of motherhood and apple pie…

…it turns out that in this age of social media, no stale or shopworn expression, no matter how enshrined in American values, is sacrosanct. Here’s my reward for using this expression in a recent post on the newly-released AMS space weather policy statement… a tart(!) comment from an alert reader:

Motherhood and apple pie – Why do folks always use this saying when referencing something basic or elementary?

Have you ever tried to make an apple pie?  Well first you have to acquire all the ingredients which may include climbing a ladder to pick the apples from the top of the tree.  Then you have to wash, peel, and slice all those apples without cutting your finger.  Now the hard part –making dough and rolling out the crust.  Okay, you can cheat and buy a pre-made pie crust but it just doesn’t taste the same.  Oh the process and pitfall are endless.  I don’t want to mention cleaning the oven afterward because the pie ran over or worse, you fail to clean the oven and the smoke alarm goes off more often than the NOAA Weather Radio!

And I don’t even have time for motherhood…

(Guess now would not be the best time for me to pull out some old chestnut like “father knows best.”)

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