Throwing in the (kitchen) towel…Cooking on the Real World.

Time to face it. Three years of blogging away in all seriousness on great matters of the Earth: natural resources, environmental protection, and natural hazards. Over 500 posts… a little better than one every two days. Hard work!

Then a throwaway post on motherhood and apple pie. And suddenly the comments come in? And e-mails from others? And according to Technorati, the blog vaults (briefly, surely!) to the top third of their food blogs? And to the top third of their entertainment blogs?

Who knew?

Perhaps it’s time to bow to the feedback and initiate Cooking on the Real World. But I’ll need another Charles Darwin quote.

I wonder if he ever said anything to the effect that “bad cooking is highly injurious to the progress of the culinary arts, for the resulting dyspepsia lingers long; but bad recipes, if taken with a grain of salt (?), do little harm, for everyone takes salutary pleasure in making them tastier.”

Next up, (struggling to retain the resource-environment-hazard thread, and a shred of dignity): selecting green vegetables; protecting their freshness, and guarding against the hazard of over-cooking…


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