Joanne Simpson Mentorship Award 2014

joanne simpson award

Joanne Simpson was an exceptional scientist… and a remarkable human being. In every conversation, every action, and every collaboration, she didn’t simply impart information. She transformed the lives of those around her. In the same way the American Meteorological Society doesn’t just advance science and technology. We help harness that innovation for human benefit. What’s more we don’t just save lives and property, or promote economic growth, or protect the environment. We make people’s lives more meaningful and satisfying in the process.

Joanne would be the first to tell us that mentorship is not a one-way transaction. You and I cannot help another human being without ourselves being blessed in like measure. Mentoring is a true and equal exchange of gifts. It energizes and inspires all parties in the transaction, and spurs everyone to pay it forward.

I will always be grateful to the AMS for tonight’s special kindness, but am particularly thankful for the times and the ways you and I have worked together over many years. I am indebted to everyone in this room, but to no one more than my wife Chris. Every day for the past 38 years she has made my life better. Thank you, Chris, and thank you all.

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13 Responses to Joanne Simpson Mentorship Award 2014

  1. Michael Cunningham says:

    Bill, I haven’t dropped by for a while, I seem to have chosen an auspicious occasion! Your mentoring qualities are certainly evident on LotRW, congratulations, well deserved.

  2. William Hooke says:

    🙂 thanks, Michael.

  3. Paul Higgins says:

    Congratulations for this greatly deserved honor!

  4. What a wonderful award – congratulations! Mentoring is such a difficult skill to master: reaching out without grabbing; allowing small failures as opportunities for learning while steering around big ones that can crush the spirit. And master it you have.

  5. Molly says:

    Bill, you have been the lighthouse for so many of us — tirelessly, steadfastly, gently showing us a pathway to dialog in navigating the issues of our times. Congratulations.

  6. Wendy Marie Thomas says:

    Bill: You are so deserving of this award! I am so grateful to you and Chris — who has lent you to the AMS community for many years.

  7. To coin a phrase you’ve used to help build my confidence early in my career… I’m a member of the Bill Hooke Fan Club! Congratulations on the much-deserved honor!

  8. Michelle L'Heureux says:

    Am late to the comments section, but also want say “Congratulations!”
    Barb– I’ll help you produce those fan club t-shirts 😉

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