Living the American Dream – ca. 2017

Spending the weekend with friends…

… and my friend shared his dream from the night before:

Seems America had built a wall along the Mexican border. A great wall. An impenetrable wall. A wall so great that it interfered with wind patterns, indirectly creating very subtle changes in the Loop Current in the Gulf of Mexico, and then the Gulf Stream itself – disturbances that grew over time.

 Ultimately, the instability triggered an Ice Age. Ice extended rapidly across the United States , reaching south past the Texas-Oklahoma boundary line. The surge of ice and cold rendered the northern states uninhabitable, driving millions of American refugees before it toward the Mexican border…

…where they encountered a wall. A great wall. Fueled by desperation, the horde hurled themselves at the wall – but, sure enough, it proved impenetrable. Mexican police behind the wall were able to stem the human tide.

The Mexicans were still thanking us when my friend woke up.

For the record, my friend is a self-acknowledged layperson, NOT a climate scientist – he claims we have absolutely nothing to worry about here.

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  1. Sara Bridwell says:

    Love this!

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